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How to Book a Ride

We’re excited to introduce our new reservation platform powered by Opoli Technology! Booking your reservation is now even easier. We have provided below 2 ways on how to Book through GoSedan; Through the Web, or through the GoSedan App.

Through the App

This short clip will show you how to input a promo code prior to making a reservation to take effect. You will notice as it really is easy Click Here to Watch – How to Input Promo Code in the GoSedan App
  1. Log In
  2. Head to App Menu > Account > Promo Codes
  3. Enter Promo Code
  4. Close App Menu
  5. Start Making a Reservation

Through the Website

Step 1.

Navigate to the GoSedan.com homepage. Near the top is a simple form where you will make your reservation.Complete each field of the simple form, then click the “Let’s GO!” button. If you are heading to or from an Airport, please input the necessary fields (i.e. Airline, Flight Number) as it is necessary to monitor your arrival / departure.

Step 2.

Choose the type of transportation service you would like. At this point you will be shown a summary of your selections as well as be able to see a price quote for different service types.

Step 3.

New customers will need to create an account to continue. Returning customers can simply login.

Step 4.

The final screen will show you a complete summary of your reservation. Please confirm that all the information is correct. Once you have verified the information, enter your billing information and any promo code (if you have one). You are now ready to click the “Book Now” button! Booking your ride with GoSedan is easy! Book online at GoSedan.com, or download our GoSedan App for iOS and Android! Create an account and manage all of your reservations online. It’s that simple. Happy booking! We appreciate the support and patience from our customers as we continue to build and update our GoSedan App. We’re excited to showcase our updates, and we hope that you enjoy our new features as much as we do!