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How to Celebrate Valentines’ Day for Busy People

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Busy People

Valentines’ Day is just around the corner or it’s not for Busy People. Have you prepared something special for your loved one? We understand you have lots to do, and you’re unsure if you could persuade your partner that it’s just another holiday. Do you wish there’s a way for you to spend Valentines’ Day, without taking too much of your time?

How do busy people celebrate Valentines’ Day?

You can’t help but accept the reality, that sometimes, work takes much of your time. However, it does not just work which occupies our time. Your dream job, classes you take at business school or even a special project can make you forget about the people that matter. Now that you’ve realized you need to spend time with them, without sacrificing the time you allot to your commitments, let Go Sedan help you celebrate Valentine’s Day with activities that won’t take too much of your time. Read on.

1. Schedule a Coffee Date at Cafe Intelligentsia

What’s one great way to start your day? Grab your special someone for a coffee date. Not only your date will set your mood for the rest of the day, it’s also your way of saying that your partner is a priority. Aside from sharing excellent coffee, share snippets of your day to your partner. Coffee and great conversations to start your day, what more could you ask for in Valentines’ Day date? 

2. Movie Date at the Arclight Hollywood Cinemas

When was the last time you went to see a movie together? Valentines’ Day is your chance to share a few laughs, some tears, or even a bucket of popcorn as you enjoy what you watch at the cinemas. Here’s our pick: do you want to revisit the glory of Wakanda? Black Panther graces the screen to let you experience the masterpiece to celebrate Black History Month. Fancy a romantic-comedy movie? Rebel Wilson will show you what it means to be a hopeless romantic in her movie, ‘Isn’t it Romantic?’ Do you want to relive a classic? You don’t need to worry as Mary Poppins returns to the silver screen.

3. Ice Cream Date at the Ghirardelli Chocolate

Do you have a sweet tooth you can’t just say no to? Then invite your partner to an ice cream date. Turn it into a Valentine’s Day adventure when you order out of the usual flavors, or even try mixing some of the regulars. You could even do a contest on it, who finishes last picks up the tab. Beware for the brain freeze, though, should you eat too much.

4. Walk in the Park Date at The Japanese Garden

How will you cherish your time together, without all the fuss and flair of Valentines’ Day? You just need to ask your partner to meet you at the park. You could walk down on memory lane, even as you stroll and gaze at the sights of the trees inside The Japanese Garden. You could also take leisure walks, and take photos of beauty, which includes your partner and the nature around you.

5. Classic Dinner Date with Culina

If all else fails on your list, book a nice dinner date and go classic all the way. Try a candlelit dinner, order steak and a bottle of wine which may be from that online wine shop. However, you could also order Italian, try flavors and dishes you haven’t tried before, even on the wine. However, you may want to plan your dinner date, just make sure you make it count.

No matter which Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to pick, did you know there’s one thing they have in common that rest assured will not waste your precious time? Yes, you got it right. You could always hail a ride—not just any other ride, but a GoSedan ride! Not only will you reach your destinations on time, but you also do it with style! Book a ride today.